Every Singing Technique And Method To Develop A Beautiful Tone

Each technique and singing method can develop beautiful tones

I like all the exercises I practice. I followed you to tell me every step I have to take. But I do not just practice these exercises. What kind of voice did I hear when I sang, what happened to my tongue and my throat – every little detail.

The first change I felt after a month. I always sing in an exciting voice. My tone is weak and panting. I can not sing long sentences because of my breath control. Some notes that I sing in my nose.

But after this month, I started to sing with the sound of my chest, which became stronger and stronger. Treble does not cause as many problems as before. I can sing higher. Then, after the second lesson, I found the mix, which was an important moment for happiness for me.

But I always had trouble resting. Sometimes I can not go into this break. But I did not give up. I work hard to solve these decisive problems. It’s almost perfect now!

It’s been five months since I started singing with your program and I’m singing very well now. Every day, I will learn new knowledge about my voice, which will become stronger every day.

I always practice warm-up classes and style classes. It’s so interesting to know how far your voice can go and how good is the sound. But I do not want to stop. It’s my dream, I hope to move on to the next step.

The most important thing is not to let me have a perfect voice, just to get a lot of money and popularity.

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