Learn Photo Editing To Create Professional Looking Photos And Images


Advanced Photoshop Guide on how to create professional images. Learn secrets color sorting and imaging!

How to make a cartoon character with photo manipulation and decoration

Convert images of real people to comics

We will introduce a lot of content in this great tutorial. You will gradually learn to create a cartoon character imagined by optical manipulation, finishing and color grading techniques. With Photoshop and create photos (or your own photos) you can create a unique cartoon, which can be a logo, a product mascot, a character in an ad, and more. You can of course add fun to your portrait or image in a more subtle way using the same techniques described in this guide.

This guide contains a large number of 89 steps that detail the entire process of implementing the above diagram. Do not worry, all my guides can be done by people with basic knowledge of Photoshop. Unlike the other tutorials you will sometimes see that you do not have to be a good digital painter to achieve the same results I come here – because I’m not a good digital painter myself.

How to use grooming pop-up facial features

Add depth and character to your face using Photoshop tools

In this video exercise, I will show you different retouching techniques and techniques that help you make an ordinary person an eye-catching character. In this Photoshop exercise, we will improve the facial features of men and women and give them a fun cartoon look that is perfect for our art.

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