Music Production Software With Complete Features For A Beginner

You can schedule complete songs with just the computer keyboard. Other controllers, drums and other virtual instruments are not necessary. You can rearrange it here. Here is a healthy bank. You can mix them here. This is everything you need to get started and it’s a long way to go!

Professional music production software
You can use BTV’s professional music production software as a stand-alone application, or you can use DAW as a VST or AU plug-in. If you are inspired, BTV will help you get your idea faster. In the case of insufficient inspiration, BTV has a huge sound library and a simple interface to animate creativity. BTV for decades, whether it’s the first software to make beats in the game, helps you make the music you want.

Sequence beats can be completed in just 5 minutes. Use the keyboard of the computer to hit fast forward or connect a MIDI keyboard.

Easily place patterns on complete radio ready song such as live animation, chorus, scripture, drop, or use built-in linear base sequencer in song mode.

You can edit patterns, kits or entire instrument, adjust sample individually, and customize preset effects. Record new samples, keyboards, automatic recorders, application editing tools to create new instruments with a simple drag and drop.

Onboard mixer with more than 60 custom preset effects
Professional sampler with advanced sample editing tools
Professional support by your own professional audio support engineer

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