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Because we’ve improved the contrast and detail of the image, this technique is perfect for those who want to make amazing black and white pictures.

How to Give Your Portrait “Video Game Looks”

In this Photoshop exercise, we use advanced retouching techniques that you can use to create the same smooth / artistic look for a portrait.

In this video exercise, I’ll show you how to improve the look and details of a person’s face / skin and really give a very cool and influential look to your photos or people in your photo manipulations. ! From a general image of a businessman, we improve the details, contrasts and colors layer by layer until we get something that really captures people’s attention!

How to get budget photography when editing

Use gradients to change the look and feel of your photos

In this VIDEO tutorial, we use gradients to capture casual portraits so our theme looks like a high-end fashion model! After creating our foundation with highly effective retouching techniques, we create completely different looks and feelings using different gradients and other color grading techniques.

The degree is very powerful when you know how to use gradients. If you take photo editing seriously, add this important tool to the toolbox!

How does a girl make a surreal character

Create a Disney character using retouching and imaging techniques

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