Photoshop Tutorials With Detail The Entire Process To Editing Photos


In this tutorial we look at a portrait of a child because the techniques we use here are perfect for singles and family portraits. The results you get will apply this knowledge to your image editors and will surely surprise your customers or your family!

How to change the illumination of the image

In this VIDEO tutorial, we start with a basic studio photo, creating a completely different, darker environment, adding a light source and creating a cool smoke effect that makes our image. It looks like a commercial poster. Celebrity athletes.

By mastering Photoshop technology shown in this guide, you can create mood for your images, even though they are shot in a bright environment! You will also learn to create lighting effects that make your pictures “popular” and attract everyone’s attention!

In this VIDEO tutorial, we begin with an unadorned portrait of a girl, a photo that anyone can take with the camera at home and make it a fantasy figure. We complete each step to get the final result, complete from skin, color class, lighting and background.

By implementing the techniques you want to master after completing this Photoshop tutorial, you will be able to create a wide variety of looks for your portrait, if you just want a subtle improvement, or do you really want to push it and convert Your portrait is not suitable for things. This world!

How to convert a self portrait to a studio shot portrait

Increase high dynamic range to create a cool look

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