Retouch Portrait Techniques And Tricks Tutorial Spice Up Your Images


By creating and launching a high dynamic range foundation, we will be able to create a unique look by adding different retouching and color grading techniques.

How to create a surreal role with advanced finishing techniques

In this detailed video exercise, I’ll show you how to use advanced retouching techniques to make ordinary Joe a surreal eye-catching character. We are also working on adding light effects to the image, adding border lights around the character, and coloring the scene to make it look unintentional.

This Photoshop Guide will help those who want to take the game to the next level with regard to creative portrait retouching.

In this guide we will investigate another technique for creating a smoother and flawless skin. We also want color gradients and gradient fillings for handling colors. Of course we will try to make all the details on the photo!

In this video exercise, we use advanced color-grading techniques to convert photos that are desperately needed for high-impact images that can be used in magazine ads. By using different techniques to exaggerate contrast and highlight colors, we offer a “painted” look to our photos, which are now very popular with commercial photographers. If you want to take your photograph to a different level, this guide will show you how to edit your photos as a professional. If you are a graphic designer, the knowledge you learn in this Photoshop guide will further help you create an eye-catching art!

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