Three 7-Minute Videos Lessons Per Week To Learn Play The Ukulele

Learn to play ukulele with three video lessons for a week

Thank you Ukulele Badi! I’m afraid I can not learn ukulele from video, but I really like my decision! These courses are perfect for playing and learning songs easily! I am very excited!

I am an old girl If I realized how interesting it was to start this game when I was a teenager, I was surprised how quickly I took a ukulele. I can play with kids now! I have an 11 year old boy asking how you can play and teach me something, hahaha! The Ukulele course I attended here surprised me how fast I was, so I brought my laptop to our class on Thursday night, because our teacher was not there, I showed them. Take them through the first 12 lessons and they are amazed how easy it is.

The main honor of the I-IV-V cord developmental course. I read YEARS theory until the five minute video makes sense! Great! It is true that this lesson is worth its price. I really like your teaching method!

Hello Uke Lover!

For more than two decades, I have been teaching and performing music professionally:

I teach at the University of Texas at the Austin Community College and also visit the world, won the Grammy Award-winning Abra Moore.

I especially like to teach ukulele because they are easy to learn – when you learn the right way …

My video lessons are useful for you …

… because I did not ask you to pause the video and just practice it, just like other ukulele video lessons.

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